Movable Concrete Mixing and Pumping Plant HZS35Y

Custom H.S Code 8413400000

Movable concrete mixing station Model HZS35Y



Technical Parameters

Item Unit HZS35Y
Theoretical productivity m3/h 35
Actual productivity m3/h 30
Mixer volume m3 0.75
Mixer power capacity kW 30
Storage bin quantity and volume m3 2 × 2
Granular aggregate weighing range kg 2000
Powder weighing range kg 400
Water weighing range kg 250
Liquid additive weighing range kg 40
Discharging height m 3.8
Weighing accuracy Aggregate % ±2
Power ±1
Note: The assembled cement silo and powder spiral conveyors are in optional choice which could be customized designed based on actual demands.

Configuration list of HZS35Y

Item no. Name of item Main components Model and Description Unit Qty Remarks
1 Concrete batching Machine PLD1200-III Storage bins Single bin Volume: 2 m3 pc. 2 Weighing accuracy: ±2%
Weighing hopper Max. 2000kg with weighing sensor pc. 1
2 Main body of the plant Mixer JS750 Nominal volume: 0.75m3
Power capacity:30kW
set 1 Discharging height: 3.8m
Discharging cylinder LZE100 pc. 2
Main steel structure set 1
3 Powder weighing system Powder weigher Max. 400kg with weighing sensor
and discharging butterfly valve
set 1 Weighing accuracy: ±1%
4 Water weighing and supplying system Water weigher Max. 250kg with weighing sensor,
discharging water pump power capacity 1.1kW
set 1 Weighing accuracy: ±1%
Water supply pump Power: 3kW pc. 1
5 Liquid additive weighing and supplying system Liquid additive weigher Max. 40kg with weighing sensor,
discharging pump capacity 1.1kW
set 1 Weighing accuracy: ±1%
Liquid additive tank Tank volume 2.5m3 with Pneumatic stirring device, supply pump power 1.1kW set 1
Supply piping set 1
6 Air system Air compressor Power 3kW pc. 1
Air piping set 1
7 Mobile chassis Towing pin pc. 1
Supporting feet set 1
Indicating light set 1
8 Control system HZS35Y Operation table set 1

Electric Motor powered concrete pump Model HBTS50-13-55E


Technical Parameters

Tems Units Parameters
Whole performance of machine Max. theoretic concrete output (L./H.) m3/h 46/22
Max. concrete pumping pressure (H./L.) MPa 13/6.2
Max. Delivery distance (vertical/horizontal) m 150/500
Distribution valve S Valve
Concrete pumping cylinder diameter × stroke mm Φ180×1200
Hopper capacity × feeding height mm 500 × 1100
Outlet diameter mm Φ133
Inner diameter of delivering pipe mm Φ108
Max. aggregate diameter mm Pebble: 40 ; broken stone: 35
Lubrication system Fully automatic electric lubrication
High and low voltage conversion Yes
Remote control Wireless
Power system Electrical motor model HM2-250M-4
Rated power kW 55
Rated speed rpm 1480
Hydraulic system Circuit type Open-type system
Pumping system pressure MPa 31
Mixing system pressure MPa 12
Capacity of oil tank L 320
Other parameters Dimensions: length × width × height mm 4300 × 1670 × 1680
Total weight kg 3300

Main components of HBTS50-13-55E

Configuration list (The total length of Φ108 delivery pipe is 100m)

Item No. Name Description Unit Quantity
1 Hydraulic hose Φ108×4m piece 1
2 Soft delivering hose Φ108×5m piece 1
3 Steel pipe Φ108×3m piece 27
4 Steel pipe Φ108×1.5m piece 2
5 Reducing pipe Φ133-Φ108m piece 1
6 Elbow pipe Φ108-90° piece 4
7 Elbow pipe Φ108-45° piece 2
8 Clamp S100 piece 40
9 Clamp S125 (High pressure) piece 2
10 Sealing ring set 1
11 Piston Φ180 piece 2
12 Proximity switch ZLJ-A18-8ANA-Q piece 1
13 Remote control Wireless 220V piece 1
14 Certificate set 1
15 Tool box set 1
16 Work clothes piece 2

Feel free for any precise technical questions